Review - Stohlquist Fisherman PFD

I purchased this PFD along with the rest of my yak clothing last October. I didn't like what was on offer here in the UK, nothing here seemed particularly functional, nor value for money. My eyes turned to the US market where I eventually, after reading multiple reviews, narrowed my choices down to two, the Stohlquist Fisherman PFD and the Osprey Extrasport. I decided on the first, the quality seemed better, I liked the idea of the pockets as potential work areas.. plus the pockets on the Extrasport all seemed rather small.

I purchased this and my drysuit from KFS in the US. Delivery was quick though I was stung for custom and VAT charges (it was part of a large order). Despite this it still worked out quite reasonably. I'd had some concerns over the pockets making re-entry somewhat difficult, though a multitude of US owners dismissed that concern outright. The foam support at the rear is high on your back so it doesn't foul the kayak seat whilst sitting, this makes it very comfortable to wear whilst fishing or paddling.


The PFD adjusts easily with quite some range of movement. It's very well put together and after 12 months use is proving very durable. There are multiple clips for hanging lanyard equipped accessories to, plus the pockets have smaller netted pockets within suitable to holding a safety knife, whistle, trace line, etc.

In the water is supported my 90kg (much more dressed no doubt) with utter ease, with my shoulders and neck being well clear of the water. I was in the pool practicing capsize drill for 3 hours one evening and it's performance remained the same throughout.

There isn't a hug amount of storage space, no VHF pocket neither. Though for fishing light, or for the fly fisherman it's an excellent piece of kit which I wouldn't hesitate to replace.
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Frank said...

Thanks for the review. I'm currently looking at this PFD for purchase. Just learning to fly fish and I've been looking for a PFD that would accomodate my gear.