Modifying the GoPro Hero2 – night lighting

I regularly take my GoPro Hero HD and recently acquired Hero2 afloat with me. However, the majority of my fishing takes place at night which up until now has meant no video footage!. However, I decided to modify my HERO2 to allow it to be switched into a night capable mode in a few seconds.

Below is a photo of the standard Hero2 cam in its waterproof housing.


Basic materials were four '3M dual lock' pads and a six LED Lenser headlamp, total cost around £14 ($20). The headlamp was stripped of its strap and the three cable clips were fitted to the GoPro head strap.


Two small incisions were made to fit each clip. A Dual Lock pad was fitted to the rear of the GoPro head strap, onto the plastic bracket, and one fitted to the rear of the headlamp battery pack. Despite being solidly attached, it is attached or removed in a couple of seconds.

P1150199  P1150203

A Dual Lock pad was fitted to the side of the GoPro waterproof housing and one to the slightly modified headlamp. Again, attachment or removal takes a couple of seconds.

P1150211  P1150206

The headlamp, battery pack and connecting wire attach to the GoPro in around 10 seconds, it removes in the same amount of time. The wire is secured using the three clips mounted to the strap earlier, the wire just clips in with a slight push. The ‘light assembly’ weighs 90g (3 ½ oz), though the majority of the weight is in the battery pack, the light unit weighing in at 28g (1oz). As a result the addition of the light to the GoPro cam is barely noticeable.



Initially the light was too strong in the centre causing heavy saturation, though a small piece of diffuser from a old SLR flash diffuser was glued to the front of the headlamp which cured that problem. Here's a short clip covering my modification below:

Modifying the Hero2