New dry suit arrived !

When I phoned the stockist enquiring about the Typhoon Multisport 3 I was told they had my size in stock. Less than a minute later I’d ordered it online, so imagine my surprise two days later when I received an email to say it was out of stock!. I was straight on the telephone and I was informed I may get one before Christmas, if not it’d be sometime in the New Year. Needless to say I was far from impressed!!.

It was a case of back to the drawing board and the result was increasing my budget somewhat, this resulted in me considering the Typhoon PS200 Xtreme. I really like the idea of the ‘Glide skin’ neck and wrist seals, the con zip was a standard fit, plus it had a hood. Another phone call and the lady confirmed that she not only had my size in stock, she was actually holding it this time!. an order was duly placed and it arrived today.

First impressions are excellent and I’ll post an initial review very soon. It came with a typhoon under fleece, though I’ve just ordered the Typhoon 100g under suit which should be ideal for fishing this winter.

PS220    typhoon-100g-dry-suit-undersuit-with-breathable-ree-tech-0

       Typhoon PS200 Xtreme                     Typhoon 100g Undersuit


Kester said...

Look forward to the review - I considered that suit myself, but thought it looked a bit too heavy for three season fishing. Great for winter no doubt. Looks good for night fishing too.

Let us know how accessible all those pockets are when wearing your pfd!

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Kester
it is a heavy suit, much heavier than the Kokatat for sure. I reckon the only accessible pockets will be the top ones, though the hand warmer pocket will be useful for periods out of the water. Whether it is an all season suit is unknown, I like to wear my drysuit all year round, time will tell. I got around overheating problems in the past by pouring water over my suit as required, something that proved most effective.