Fish of a lifetime!

After losing a good sized Common Skate the previous evening, I paddled out last night in the hope of evening the score. After a couple of hours of peace and quiet I found myself hooked into yet another monster of the deep!. There were moments when I was ready to quit, though I’ll save the details for a report later.

Common Skate


Unknown said...

Well done Rob thoroughly deserved looking forward to the report

Kester said...

Can you eat common skate? Big fish like that could feed a family of 10 handsomely!

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Apparently all 9 species of British skate are edible. They've been over-fished over the years and have disappeared from many areas of the UK. I've not heard of any Common Skate being kept for food, it's all catch, tag and release these days which is a great thing.