New clothing ordered!

With the temperatures dropping rapidly I decided that I could do with upgrading a couple of items of clothing. I’ve ordered a pair of Sealskinz Ultra Grip gloves to replace my somewhat worn out Sundridge fingerless items. Hopefully they’ll prove to be as warm and waterproof as advertised. I’ll post a review once I’ve given them a thorough testing!

Whilst I was online spending money I ordered a Helly Hansen 2 piece base layer. My older items have seen better days and appear to have shrunk somewhat over time, victims of the tumble drier no doubt!.



Anonymous said...

Hi Rob
I am currently researching suitable winter clothing myself. It would be useful to understand if the HH Base layers are to be an addition to the Weezle Extreme Undersuit mentioned in one of your earlier posts, or that the Weezle Undersuit proved to be unsuitable and you are going back to conventional layering? On paper, the Weezle Extreme Undersuit seemed a simple solution to winter clothing by doing away with layering.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned in a previous post Winter Clothing Upgrade the Weezle Extreme Undersuit and the fact that it would do away with layering. It is also advertised as, no need to wear additional layering. Has this proven not to be the case or have you found traditional layering is better?

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi, thanks for the enquiry. I personally wear a very thin under layer beneath the suit in the form of a 2 piece Helly Hansen thermal. I have worn it without, however, the suit tended to feel damp afterwards, though that did not detract from its effectiveness.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. That is very useful to know.