Getting organised

The past 3-4 months have been extremely hectic and my kayak fishing has suffered a lot as a result. What with a change of job, moving house, throw in a little festive spirit over Christmas and there’s been very little room to get out fishing!.

I’d lived in my old house since 2001 and the garage was well organised, I could put my hand on anything. Since October my world has been turned upside down and my new garage was full of cardboard boxes, bicycles, furniture, etc!. I couldn’t move and many things were ‘lost’.

However, this past month has seen things become more orderly to the point where kayak fishing is becoming a reality once again!. Being organised is important to me and I’ve always struggled with storing paddles, mirage drives and kayak trolleys,.. they just seem to lie here and there, propped up in corners, etc, not great!. Anyway, fitting out the new garage provided me with the opportunity to produce a couple of simple storage racks out of old timber that was lying about.

Below is some of the gear I wanted to get safely stored off the floor.

I’ve a 2015 Hobie Adventure Island arriving in a couple of months, so I also had to cater for an additional paddle and Mirage drive unit. Below are the results, two simple racks. One for the drives and the trolleys, the other for paddles and navigation lights.


I’m really happy with the results, not only is all that gear off the floor and worktops, is far less likely to get damaged. Cost to me?, nil… just a couple of hours of my time.

I also took the opportunity to organise my tackle (well a good amount of it anyway). I picked up a second hand office cabinet and purchased a few storage boxes. The result brings a lot of tackle together that had been scattered in drawers, it should make my life a little easier!

It’d be nice to have some good storage for my rods, but they suffer in the damp garage over the winter months, so they enjoy the luxury of being kept indoors!

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