SunFlap - Product review

Some time ago I was contacted by an American chap asking me if I'd like to test and review the 'SunFlap'. Firstly it was a case of what is it?, quite simply it is a removable protective flap to fit to your existing baseball type of fishing hat.

Now I must admit that I'm not a huge fan of the look that this type of hat gives you, however, fishing clothing doesn't exactly feature strongly on catwalks!. I've never bought the type of hat that permanently include these flaps as it's not something that would see a lot of use here in the UK. That said, there are quite a few days each year that I've truly wish that I possessed one!.

They retail at $15 for the single colour model which is ok. Packaging is simple, with the SunFlap pulling away easy from the cardboard support, ready to use.

Sunflap utilises 50+ UPF fabric, blocking out 98% of the UV rays. It features a flexible plastic edging strip that is shaped to tuck into the folded inner edge that exists around the edge of virtually all baseball type fishing hats.

It's simply just a case of tucking this plastic piece into the folded edge of the cap, with the contoured section being positioned over the adjustable strap of the hat. It takes just a few moments to achieve.

That is the SunFlap fitted, super simple.

As I've already mentioned it's only an accessory that I'd use from time to time. What I really like is that not only is it fitted and removed in seconds, but also that it folds straight up and stores down the edge of a tackle box, etc.

I've used them a few times now and I'm genuinely impressed.

Ok, my colour co-ordination wasn't the best, the fashion enthusiasts will shake their heads. I have often forgot to apply sun cream, or being without something to protect my neck and ears. Though perhaps the biggest surprise for me was its cooling effect. I was out the other week in Cornwall and the skin temperature was high. My neck became uncomfortably hot so I popped on the SunFlap. There was a genuine 'wow' moment as my next cooled off, a lot!. Apparently you can wet the flap for a increased effect, though I don't see the need, certainly not for UK weather.

It seems pretty resistant to dirt, the micro fibre material looking as good as the day that I first shoved it into my tackle box. So would I buy a replacement when the time come?, for $15... definitely. It's a great to have accessory. Yes, you can achieve similar sun protection with a buff, but as they're up against the skin I doubt that it would have the cooling effect.


Unknown said...

Hi Rob, Where can I order one of these please? I use a cricketers style hat but find it doesn't always cover my lower neck.


Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Jai
At the moment you'd have to order direct from the US website.