There's been a collaboration with a new page to view !

I've been posting to my website since 2007, where has that time gone?.

I can vividly recall checking the website stats in the first few weeks, feeling quite pleased when the daily view count rose into double figures!. I've watched it's popularity grow and views have regularly topped 500 per day. It was all new and exciting back then and since the first post I've published another 320 or so posts which has attracted well of 400,00 visitors.  So why did I do it?, well I truly believe that it's good to share. I've spent many hundreds of hours trawling websites, looking, using and developing other peoples ideas as well as creating many of my own. It only seemed right share my own thoughts and experiences in order to add to the plethora of information that's available across the internet.

Last year was a very quiet year for me, due largely in part to new house purchase during the previous year. Gosh, how a new house swallows up the cash and the reality was hard felt in 2016 when I found myself lacking in fishing funds. I've recently taken on a new job that has topped up the fishing funds very nicely so normal service can resume for 2017.

However I wanted more. I've felt that this website was becoming a little stale despite some great placings in the Kayak Anglers Choice Awards over the past 3-4 years, I even sneaked into first place in 2014. The question was what could I do to improve the website?... bring in more content, more variety?. After much deliberation I decided that I really fancied collaborating with another kayak angler and putting together a new website.

But who?

Well that was an easy choice and that angler is Graham Smith, an exceptional kayak angler from Donegal in Ireland. He's somewhat crazy, if you don't believe me you'll have to read up on his antics. What he does bring is a totally different angle to kayak fishing, big water fishing, BIG fish and some very original rigging ideas. He's right up my street and I reckon that we'll make a great team!

We've put together a completely new website at

We've lifted a few posts over to get us started though it's still  a work in progress so please bear with us!. There are links to our legacy websites on our new Mad4Yak website, so please bookmark our new webpage and watch out for new posts throughout the year.

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