Leaving the safety zone

For the first few weeks my fishing was concentrated around my local Solent area. This was perfect as it's generally sheltered which allows regular trips whilst providing a safe area to master the basics of yakfishing.

One of the forums I frequented was advertising a meet cat Chichester, not too far to go at all. The time was good for a change of scenery so arrangements were made.

It was good to meet some fellow yak anglers, seeing how they fished and how their yaks were rigged.

Chi Leaving
Despite the reports of the Prowler Big Game being a slug in the water I had no problems whatsoever keeping up with the other yakkers. My paddle fitness was tested with a 2 mile paddle to our chosen fishing mark. It was surprising as to how strong the tidal flow can be in these estuaries, though anchoring in them proved simple enough.
Chi Fishing
It was here that I really saw the advantages of having a fish finder on board. Being able to see and cast into underwater channels was great, knowing that you're not just casting and chancing your luck is a warming feeling.
Chi Birds 2
The fishing was unfortunately poor, but the change of scenery and the migrating birds made it all the worthwhile. A good experience.

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