DIY - Cheap Priest

I lost a damned good fish after unhooking it the other week whilst having nothing to hand to kill it quickly,.. so I decided I needed something to dispatch my fish.
I've watched a few priests on Ebay, but the ones I like (generally the older ones) go for £10-15, plus p&p... I'm not paying that. Yes there are cheapo ones on there but I didn't fancy any of those.So, wandering through ASDA I stumbled across their hardwood rolling pins... only 98p
Sawing in half gives you two 8" pieces, then a 3/4" hole was drilled about a 1/3 of the length down from the cut end. As it was a decent hardwood the moisture content was low so I filled it up with lead. It's now nicely top heavy weighing in at 20oz.... Cost, basically TWO for a quid

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