Rigging my kayak

The first couple of weeks were spent carrying out capsize and re-entry drills. I'm not one for taking risks and I needed to be 100% confident of my abilities whilst learning the basics of what the yak was capable of, stability, turning, etc

Now that I was feeling confident I was positively itching to get out, though me being me I wasn't going to rack up my first fishing trip until I was as fully prepared as possible.

During the weeks of research prior to purchasing the yak I'd pretty much decided how I was going to rig it for fishing. The basic requirements were as follows.

  • Adjustable rod holders
  • Anchor trolley
  • Fishfinder
  • Battery
  • Stern Light
  • Tackle storage

Nothing was rushed here, there was much sitting in the yak, thought given to structural strengthening, access whilst fishing & recovering from a capsize. The result is what can be seen below.

1202 arrived 


The rod tubes were RAM items, the fishfinder a Humminbird 565, the seat a Crazy Creek 3 with the tackle and bait boxes being sourced from Imax & Solent Plastics.

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Anonymous said...

You did a very neat job there Rob. I particularly like the RAM mounts, wish I had opted for those too!