Crazy Creek Chair III

When I purchased my Big Game it came with a seat as standard. It's actually not a bad seat, though I found that after 5-6 hours fishing I'd been shuffling around a bit due to 'numb bum syndrome'. Christmas was just around the corner and that was the only excuse I needed to purchase something more upmarket. I decided on the Crazy Creek III chair as it had received some good reviews, both here in the UK and over the pond in the US.

The chair was purchased from H2O kayaks for around £35 and duly arrived within 48 hours, good service. The quality is good, well put together using 600D nylon for the covering material. The base must be 4-5cm thick making is very comfy, though bear in mind this will raise your centre of gravity on the yak. Not a problem for me on a Big Game but it would be noticeable on other less stable kayaks.

The swivels clips are brass items, though plastic ones are also included. Fitting was a bit of a fiddle taking a wee while to get it positioned and adjusted correctly.
With the seatback vertical paddling is a comfortable experience, it's easily adjustable on the water if required. It's possible to recline the seat basically by sliding your bum forward so relaxing is achieved with ease. It's so comfy that I've nodded off to sleep on more than one occasion, one time for over two hours!.

On the rear of the seatback is a zip pouch in which can be housed a 2 litre hydration pack. I purchased one for for around £5, though it's yet to be used effectively due to the non-existent summer this year.

The chair can be removed from the kayak, and with the backrest clipped to the base it can be used as a seat, on a campsite for example.

I've now had the chair fitted for a year and it's proving very comfortable and durable. The only sign of wear is some light corrosion on the forward brass hinge clips, shown below. The seat is thoroughly freshwater washed and dried post each trip. Despite this light corrosion the chair should easily last several seasons before they require replacing.


It's turned out to be a good purchase which I thoroughly recommend.

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