Lobster treat!

I re-visited my favoured bass mark in the hope of a silver beauty. The fishing was slow with the odd pout bite now and then. The evening was a pleasant one as I fished into the night. A slow steady pull on the line was looking distinctly crab-like. Lifting the rod showed there was indeed something on the end, up it came, no real kicking so a crab was expected,... perhaps even some weed.

What a surprise, a lobster!!, and a good sized one at that... no messing around, into the yak it came. I though it was tangled on the line, though it turned out that the hook was merely holding onto the roughness of a nipper, what luck! .How as I going to store this thing?, though as it turned out it lay quietly in the footwell for the remainder of the trip.

Only when I returned to shore and started to de-rig the yak did it show signs of life, what a beauty.

It's not everyday that you catch a lobster on hook and line, it'll probably be my one and only!. The decision to keep it was not a difficult one, after all the wife's family were visiting and the father-in-law did ask me to bring some dinner home.

It seems that I didn't disappoint..........

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