Kayak Fishing - Bass & Thornback Ray

Despite the success of this years smoothound fishing, it's not all about the hounds.. there were some surprises out there.

Virtually all the fishing during the summer period was night fishing, purely because it was proving by far the most productive.
micro sunset 
Fishing two rods for hounds will end in disaster, trust me, you'll only try it once... a double hound hookup is exciting, though just about impossible to handle. Chances are you'll end up losing one or both fish, just about guaranteed is a fantastic tangle!!

But I always feel that a rod sat behind me is a wasted opportunity. What I ended up doing was fishing a large mackerel lash on a running ledger, something that doesn't interest the hounds, though might be picked up by something else.
I didn't have to wait long for this tactic to pay dividends... in one evening alone 2 cracking rays and a sizable bass were taken on that rod, all within an hour!

The other rod was still picking up hounds throughout the night, what sport!..... did i mention that I've never shore fished once since taking to the water in my yak.

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