Crazy Creek Chair III - Update

It's not that long ago that I reviewed this seat, my only niggle was that after a year the brass snaps that secure the seat to the kayak were corroding rather faster than I would have liked. This made them somewhat difficult to operate at times. The solution was to simply to source replacement items, though I'd hoped this could wait until the summer months.

However, this wasn't the case!. Whilst fishing in Essex the other week I was relaxing, leaning back into the seat, keeping an eye on the rod tips. With a bang I was thrown to the left, not enough to lose my balance and capsize, but enough to wake me up good and proper!. The seat had gone limp and looking into the footwells revealed a broken brass seat snap (see photo).

I cant say I was too pleased!, luckily there was nobody in the vicinity to hear just how displeased I actually was!. Fortunately I had a length of rigging chord with me which was used to secure the seat for the remainder of the trip.

Whilst looking through the garage a day or two later, I stumbled upon the original Big Game seat from Ocean Kayak. The snaps are also brass (left in above photo), though the build is far more substantial, the quality better, with the tolerance on the locking mechanism not as tight. All four where duly swapped over and the seat is now fully serviceable, what's more it's better than new, it's just a pity it didn't leave the factory that way.

Great seat, rubbish hardware!... upgrading the hardware will be required at some point in time.

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