DIY Rod Rack

I only keep a couple of rods in the garage, the ones that are in regular use. They’re always propped up against this and that, and it was only a matter of time until they got damaged. I was surfing the forums the other week and came across a simple solution for rod storage in the garage.

The solution was dead simple, two pieces of wood bolted bolted to the roof beams and suitably shaped to support some rods.

The size of the wooden pieces is of course entirely driven by the amount or size of rod/reel combos that you wish to store, I went for four storage slots.

For starters you needs to pieces of plywood, though chipboard would probably suffice. I used 1/4” exterior grade plywood, just in case the roof springs a leak… ok, I used what I had lying around!


These were then drilled with a hole saw to produce a set of four holes on each. The board that would house the butt ends of the rods was drilled with larger diameter holes to suit.


The board that will support the tip/middle sections of the rods was suitably slotted to allow the rods to be slipped into the rack.


Obviously the butt ends are slipped into the other board first then the tip/middle sections are slotted into the section above.


A really simple solution that allows rods to be stored quickly and safely.


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