GoPro HD Hero 2

Well I’ve just had a mad moment and purchased a GoPro Hero 2 video camera. After checking out the specifications and reading lots of reviews and watching lots of footage, I decided to take the plunge. It’s over twice the resolution of the standard HD at 11 mega pixels. Its optics are superior to the HD and should also prove far more effective in lower light levels. I’ll review it in due course, though more importantly I’m eager to put together some new video clips!



Dustin's Fly Box said...

how does it work so far?? Great blog, you got a new follower!

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Still waiting for it to turn up!. I've had 2 battery Bacpacs arrive and they seem good. It should be here within the week.

Thanks for the follow :)

paul stilgrove said...

looking forward to your review i am after a camera myself i was thinking on a Pentax Optio W90 but i have a open mind

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

I considered the W90 with a remote control, though as it's mainly for movies I preferred the wider view and resolution options that the GoPro offers. That said it has some excellent photo modes, e.g continuous photo mode.

The lack of lens protection on the W90 bothered me a lot as well. A replacement 'lens' for the GoPro case is around £10 and takes minutes to swap should it become damaged.

I also like the multiple mounting options that the GoPro offers.

paul stilgrove said...

hi rob did you use the GOPRO yet whats your verdict ?