Back at last !

After almost 3 months in Afghanistan I’m finally back in the UK. As much as the first few days are seeing me catch up with my family, I’m quietly gathering together a few bits and pieces as I ready myself for the winter season.

I’d been having issues with the main battery connector for weeks prior to me deploying, though it was nothing more than fair wear and tear. The two main pins in the plug turn green over time (brass pins) and they’re cleaned prior to every trip. Miniscule amounts of metal are removed each time, though after a couple of hundred trips that amounts to quite a bit and the pins are no longer a snug fit in the socket. I often find myself wiggling the plug trying to make the circuit, not ideal. Anyway, a replacement was delivered last week and it’ll be getting fitted tomorrow.

I also had some rig making bits delivered whilst I was away. My good wife was emailing regularly enquiring as to what the latest delivery contained !

All my heavy nylon (60lb+) and wire traces are crimped, so a delivery of crimps and wire will soon be transformed into a wallet packed with traces to see me through the winter. Weather permitting I’ll be back on the water within the week, I truly cannot wait!


As can be seen, all my crimps and wire are sourced from Leadertec, the service is always good and the prices very reasonable.


Justin Mayer said...

Good to have you back! Now go catch something!

Unknown said...

Nice to read you again, sure after Afghanistan you will enjoy the sea LOT. Thanks for been there.

Steve said...

Glad to see a post from you and that you have returned safe. I have a million questions about fishing in the UK. Here in the south east USA it is starting to cool off. I am not ready to park the Yak just yet. I know the weather tends to be cooler there and I am wondering what gear you use to stave off the cold.

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Steve
well if there's one thing that I HATE it's the cold. If my hands or feet really get cold that'll signal the end of the trip.

I always wear my drysuit, summer or winter. In the winter it's all about layers for me, lots of them.

I'll try and sit down over the next day or two and put an article together. Feel free to regsiter on my forum and post the question on there, it'll be easy to throw ideas and photos to and fro.