NRS Kayak Bilge Pump

For a long time I’ve considered fitting an electrical bilge pump within the kayak. I’d asked myself whether I should fit a manually operated pump or a fully automatic pump. Though the main question was whether or not it was worth the effort. In reality, how often is a SOT kayak going to flood?. I’ve already proved to myself that when capsized water ingress is minimal, even with the large centre hatch removed. However, the reality is the unexpected can occur when you least expect it.

I had issues with an electrical bilge pump. How reliable would it be, would it work when required, perhaps 2-3 years or more after installation. I’ve read a few reports of people experiencing a cracked scupper hole, or puncturing the hull, the kayak gradually flooding whilst afloat. Bearing in mind that I generally fish alone, if my kayak was to flood I’d not have help to hand.

I’ve taken delivery of an NRS kayak bilge pump from the Canoe & Kayak Store. Initial impressions are excellent, though due to poor weather I’ve had no opportunity to put it through its paces. That said, I’ve briefly trialled it in the bath and it pumps water at a highly impressive rate!. I’ll be reviewing both the NRS bilge pump and Sea Kayak Paddle Float within the next couple of weeks, watch this space!

bilge pump

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Rob said...

Be interesting to see how you get on Rob - its about the only bit of 'safety equipment I dont have - following your train of thought of when will I need it ?