NRS Sea Kayak Paddle Float

I recently purchased a paddle float from NRS. I’ve given paddle floats some thoughts over the past few months and I think that they’re definitely a useful piece of kit to take afloat. In good conditions re-entering the kayak un-aided shouldn’t be an issue. However, if trying to re-enter in poor weather, or struggling to re-enter due to a damaged drysuit (which I’ve experienced) it could well prove immensely useful.

Initial impressions are good, the quality of this float is excellent and I’ll be giving it some real time trials in the next couple of weeks, watch this space!.

paddle float


Anonymous said...

Just bought one myself. Seems a good idea to me too.

dave t said...

looking to buy a paddle float but cannot find the nrs one for sale in this country,where did you buy yours Rob?
great site,keep up the good work,

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Dave
I purchased mine for Ireland. Though I can't find the link at the moment.