Down Imaging Sonar ?

I’m looking to upgrade my existing Humminbird 565 fish finder. I’ve always quite fancied a combo unit though the prices are generally quite prohibitive!. However, I’m heading off to the States later this year and intend to take advantage of the cheaper prices. I’m not bothered about side imaging, a little too much for me. However, I’m quite impressed with what I’ve seen of down imaging (DI) sonar. The down Imaging views are focused directly beneath the kayak, giving a detailed look at structure and the water column.

Some Humminbird units allow you to select between DI and traditional 2D sonar, a feature which I like. I’ve currently narrowed my choice down to either a 788ci HD DI or a 597cxi HD DI. There’s about a $70 price difference and I’m still researching to see what the real advantages of DI are whilst getting as much feedback as possible. To that end if you have any experience of DI, especially with Humminbird, please feel free to comment.



Jaimito said...

Looks like a great fish finder, buy and when to tell us, greetings

Anonymous said...

Hi, I own a hummingbird 597 cxi hd di combo and having capsized the first time with it aboard, i have found that water has got inside the unit and now it dosn't work.
Make sure you give it a quick dunking to ensure it is water tight. I had the unit several months before i rolled the kayak and was lucky that it was still within warranty.

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi, yes I totally agree, something I do to all my 'waterproof' equipment at the earliest opportunity. You're quite right, it's perhaps something that people don't cosider trying until it's too late to claim for a faulty unit.