DIY - removable cutting board

As the Hobie Outback has a Mirage Drive fitted, the kayak is lacking a centre console. For years I used to keep my cutting board mounted on the centre console of the Big Game which meant it was always to hand. I really wanted a fixed cutting board on the Outback though it was a case of making something unobtrusive, close to hand and that could be removed when not needed. A bit of a tall order I guess, though after looking over the kayak I decided it was doable. There’s a length of GearTrac fitted on the right hand side of the kayak to allow the easy fitment and removal of a FF/GPS, camera, etc.

In the photo above the GearTrac is visible to the right, just ahead of the forward rod holder and rudder lowering control. I’d removed the cap covering the rod holder in order to provide a flat working surface.

I took a piece of nylon cutting board and cut it to shape to fit on the area between the GearTrac and the kayak lifting handle (visible to the far left in the above photo). A Mighty Mount was mounted onto the cutting board at the forward edge, this facilitated quick and easy fitment/removal to the GearTrac with the use of a T-bolt. To finish off the cutting board I mount a knife beneath the board, the knife being attach with a lanyard to prevent loss overboard.

As can be seen in the above photograph the chopping board covers the rudder lowering control. This isn’t a big deal at the chopping board can be fixed once anchored or once afloat and fishing. The rudder control can still be easily released with the cutting board in position if required. It can be fitted and removed in seconds and early trials proved very positive.


JR.Arakistain said...

Muy buen brico y te ha quedado perfecto,ademas de ser muy comodo,enhorabuena y gracias por tan buenas ideas.
Un Abrazo.

GreenAsIGrow said...

Rob, you have some fantastic ideas. Thanks for sharing, I need to fashion something like this on my wilderness tarpon 120 kayak.

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Thankyou, I'm pleased you find some of the information and ideas on here useful.


Anonymous said...

Great idea.
How did you attach the knife?

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

A single c/sunk screw with marine goop along the length of the sheath