New product – GearTrac SL from YakAttack

YakAttack is just about to expand its product range with the introduction of GearTrac SL. I’ve used the original GearTrac on my older Big Game kayak as well as rigging my new Hobie Outback with the stuff. I’ve not seen the new SL range in the flesh yet, though what what I can see it looks great!.

The GearTrac SL series is made from the strongest and most durable USA made polymer available. Period. The original material they selected would have allowed them to lower the price by an easy 15% or more, though they stuck with their principles and went with the best.

The US prices are as shown below, the product will no doubt also be sold within the UK in the near future.

GearTrac SL-UD (All colours, drill holes where you want them, no hardware)
8” - $7.00
12” - $9.00
24” - $15.00
48” - $28.00

GearTrac SL (All colours, ready to install with mounting holes, includes hardware)
4” - $8.00
8” - $12.00
12” - $16.00
16” - $20.00
24” - $26.00

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