Boiled Lobster

I was lucky enough to have caught a decent lobster, so I followed some basic online info and cooked it myself.

First a pan of boiling very salty water... a big one for my lobster.

Slowly coming to the boil... all 4 burners were needed for this pot!Next..... one juicy lobster.

Now for cooking... for the 1st pound you allow 10 mins, then an additional 3 mins for each extra pound. So a 2lb lobster would be 13 mins, a 3lb'er 16 mins, etc..

Slipped in live...

Keep it covered and boil for the required time.. it'll soon turn to a fantastic red colour, quite a transformation.

Once shelled the body and nippers provided a good deal of meat, more than enough to feed my visiting family !, what a treat.

Served with a little lemon juice... simple, but perfect!

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