Another shot at the plaice..

What a cracking day!, next to no wind to speak of and the sun was even shining, it doesn't get any better in February.

It was too good an opportunity to miss, so myself and my yak fishing partner set out to fish the grounds that'd provided me with some fish earlier in the week.

I paddled directly to my previous mark, how I love GPS!. No real change in tactics, though I changed my rig slightly, still of the wishbone variety rigged with size 1 hooks.


I fished two rigs, one with green and black bead which apparently works well over mussel beds, the other was yellow and red beads which is supposed to work over sandy sea beds... how could I go wrong!

The first three hours were very quiet, with the odd bite here and there, nothing solid. It was positively warm out there, so it was a case of feet up and enjoy the day. However, as the tide began to ease there was a series of solid tugs on one of the rods. After letting the bite develop for a few minutes I slowly tightened up and felt the weight of a fish. A smallish plaice came to the yak, spitting the hook out once on my lap!. It wasn't big enough to keep, so a quick photo and it was duly returned.

I started to register a few more bites here and there, though not as prolific as my session earlier in the week. Another good set of bites produced a better fish, good enough to keep which was a definite bonus.


Sadly my fishing partner wasn't having any luck, despite fishing close and using similar rigs I don't think he had so much as a bite, that's fishing for you!!


Well I certainly cannot complain, despite being somewhat early in the season I've managed four plaice this week. Hopefully they'll increase in numbers and size during the latter half of next month.

There must have been 15-20 anglers fishing along the shoreline. I was fishing around 500-600m out and the difference was clearly apparent. I don't believe a single plaice was caught from the shore, I've been there and it's very frustrating - the benefits of fishing from a kayak are clearly apparent at times like these.

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Patrick Cooper said...

Hello Rob,

I must compliment you on your blog, it has provided me with enjoyable and interesting reading. I have been planning on getting rid of the boat and taking up kayak fishing for a new challenge and your blog has given me some great ideas and info. Also it has influenced me to make my own blog of experiences!

Keep up the good work!

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Hi Patrick
I'm pleased that you enjoy my blog, a diary of sorts me for, and if it's beneficial to others that can only be good.

The kayak fishing experience has certainly being a good one for me, best of luck!

Tight lines.