Photo Album – Updated

I’d previously used Photobucket to host my photos, however, their latest update has produced something I just simply can’t work with. As a result I’ve created a new account with Flickr and my rigging and fishing photographs can be viewed here. There are also a couple of links at the top of my website.


Anonymous said...

On average, how many actual fishing trips do you do in a year? Also, what do you enjoy the most, customising kayaks and kayak article writing or fishing?

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

It varies, I've clocked 80-90 trips per year over a two year period, that was busy fishing. At the moment I'm only getting out every couple of weeks at best, though that's been down to personal circumstances. I've soon be back to 3-4 trips per month which works well for me.

I thoroughly enjoy customising kayaks, improving a particular setup or overcoming design issues, etc.

As for article writing, well I'm a big believer in passing on knowledge and experiences. I've learned a lot from other people over the years and if someone is able to benefit from my own experiences that can only be a good thing.