Video – sail installation & early trials

I’ve put together a short video to compliment the original article, comprised of photos and some video footage. It covers the modified sail installation and the initial sea trials – more to follow soon.

Hobie Outback–sail rigging and sea trials


MickMull said...

Robson Green had an interesting experience with the sail on that Hobbie he used in a storm during his show last week ;-/

Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

Yea, I heard about that!. Overloaded and heavy seas apparently didn't help. Sail masts snap all the times, potential hazard of the sport I guess!.

Unknown said...

Rob, I wanted to duplicate your pulley/cleat/MightyMount setup you have for the main sheet but have been unable to find the cleat you are using. Can you tell us what brand and model it is?


Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

The cleat is supplied from the Hobie main dealer in Poole. It's fitted to some of their earlier models. If you're UK based give Hobiecat at Poole a ring and explain to Steve that you've seen the small cleat on my sailing rig. I'm snowed under right now, if you've had no joy drop me a line in the next week and I'll dig out the exact make/model for you, I believe that they are still available for sale.