DIY – Hobie AI Trailer

It’s not so long ago since I put the finishing touches to the latest incarnation of my kayak trailer. Since I wrote that article I’ve extended the drawbar by a metre which basically made it ideal for my Adventure Island. I’m still awaiting the Hobie AI cradles, hopefully they’ll be here in the next month or so. Though in the mean time I placed some 110mm waste pipe on the bottom slot which permits both the Outback and AI to sit fully supported. The outriggers on the AI have additional removable foam supports to prevent them rattling about. Both the kayak and the outriggers are secured with straps for travelling.

Loading is the reverse of unloading and it’s proving very straightforward. I took a couple of photos to show how I load it up, it might prove helpful to those folk who are looking for a suitable trailer for themselves.

With the seat and sail removed I trolley the AI up to the rear of the trailer and lift the nose onto the support tubes.

Stepping to the rear of the AI I take the weight off the rear and push the AI forwards until the trolley touches the lighting board.

Removing the trolley retaining pin causes the trolley to fall free and this can be recovered from the ground. It’s then simply a case of pushing the AI forward into the central position and securing it for the road.

It really is as simple as that!.  The trailer is rated at 750kg gross, thus I can happily carry/store various combination of kayaks, though for me it’s a maximum of two Outbacks and the AI.

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