Installing new storage pouches

As I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve recently purchased two new storage pouches from Tackle Webs in the US. The quality seems top notch and they should prove ideal for the handy, yet secure, storage of regularly used items whilst afloat. For me, that’ll include such items as pliers, bait elastic, line, hooks and minor items of end tackle.

The bags are sided for left and right fitment.The right hand pouch has dedicated secure storage for pliers and an additional smaller pouch for minor items. The left hand pouch is one large compartment with an upper Velcro strip so it can be secured in the closed position if required.

Right hand side pouch (above)

Left hand side pouch (above)

They are shaped to fit either side of the seat, the two photographs below show ‘before & after’ fitment.


There is plenty of room either side of my legs to permit items to be fitted within the pouches without restricting space within the cockpit.

Fitment is really straight forward. The areas either side of the seat were degreased with a suitable solvent, white spirit, etc. The bags are actually fitted to the sides of the kayak with adhesive Velcro strips. The adhesive seems exceptionally strong and you only effectively get one shot at fitting them into place!.

Once fitted, I used a towel to press firmly around the edges of the pouches to ensure that the Velcro firmly adhered to the hull. The Velcro does mean that the pouches could be removed, but why would you?. They are low profile when empty and weigh very little.

That’s literally all there is to it!, fitment takes under 5 minutes. Although probably best suited to the storage of smaller items, it’s provides some very valuable ‘on deck’ storage for those items that you always need to hand but would like neatly stored and secure.

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Unknown said...

These things are definitely useful. I love the pouch. I like the style and looks like it is very convenient. I wonder if the adhesive won't lose when it's wet? If not, I will definitely find one and use it for my Vanuatu gamefishing adventure next month.