Heroes On the Water UK

Heroes On The Water UK provides Kayak Angling to our wounded military, injured emergency services and members of the public who have suffered whilst carrying out a public duty. It provides therapeutic rehabilitation and aids reintegration into society.

The use of kayak fishing as a means of rehabilitation has been proven in the US, where it has been has demonstrated that the unique qualities of the activity give our Heroes benefits beyond the paddling and fishing. Apart from the physical and mental stimulation, it also provides total relaxation and above all freedom and equality on the water for the injured, up to triple amputees and especially post traumatic stress disorder sufferers (PTSD).

HOW UK isn’t just for kayak anglers, although the main centre of expertise is likely to come from this side of the angling community. It is an opportunity for angling in general to provide something very positive and get behind our Heroes recovery.

Please spread the word throughout angling and boating world, it’s an opportunity for everyone to pull together for a very worthwhile cause. Join them on Facebook and “like” them!

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