Storage Solutions from Tackle Webs

I do like storage on the kayak and over the years I have constantly tweaked the storage potential of my Prowler Big Game, more recently my Hobie Outback. It’s always useful to have minor items to hand, something the Outback does actually cater for with moulded in trays on either side of the kayak. However, there is always the potential to knock items overboard, so for the small lighter items a more secure (yet still readily accessible) would be preferred.

Whilst looking through various posts on Facebook several weeks ago I came across what appeared to be custom made storage pouches fitted to the Outback. Basically they sit either side of your legs and add storage for pliers and other items. After swapping a few messages I found out that they were actually manufactured by a company called Tackle Webs.


I’m actually not entirely sure how they attach to the kayak, however, as I have two on order I’ll cover installation when they arrive in the next couple of weeks.

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