Hi Marine ‘Mini Angler’ Kayak - Initial thoughts

I’ve recently taken delivery of a Hi Marine ‘Mini Angler’ kayak, included in the deal is a basic two piece paddle and a comfort seat. Firstly the price, only £300!!, was this going to be reflected in the quality?. It’s of Chinese origin and clearly an excellent imitation of Malibu’s Mini-X kayak. It has two large hinged hatches with a screw lock. There are four flush mount rod holders and a removable rod holder which is rather similar to a Scotty item. The quality of the moulding is excellent, the fittings are good quality, the seat is great. This really is a quality kayak at a bargain price.

Basic statistics are as follows:

  • Net Weight...... 21Kg
  • Length........... 270cm
  • Width............ 80cm
  • Thickness....... 30cm
  • Max capacity... 120kg
  • Material......... Roto moulded heavy duty plastic.

  • Hi Marine Mini Angler

    I should point out that I’ve purchased this for my eight year old daughter, hopefully it’ll last her several years before I upgrade her to something else. She’s currently learning the basics of kayaking so I’ve taken the opportunity to take a paddle. Initial impressions are good, it’s stable, easy to paddle and quick off the mark. It’s quite a wide kayak so it’s not going to win any awards for top speed, though it was purchased for its size and stability.

    Full review to follow soon.


    No to boredom blog said...

    Hi Rob,

    Love your blog, you along with a few others have inspired me to get myself into Kayak fishing! I've been beach casting from Brighton and around the Salcombe area for a while but it seems to be getting worse and worse...

    What are your thoughts on inflatable kayaks? I haven't got the space for a hard one.. Was looking at the Sea Eagle 330?

    Please feel free to visit my blog at www.notoboredom.com , only started it the other day but will be documenting my kayak / fishing trips as and when.



    Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

    Hi Will
    to be honest I couldn't recommend an inflatable kayak for a couple of reasons. I doubt they mix well with hooks, though the biggest issue is them being caught by the wind which makes the extremely hard work to paddle at times. There are plenty of decent second hand kayak outfits making an appearance these days, I'd be on the look out for one of those that suits your needs.

    Unknown said...

    hi i have just got one of these for my sons and first impresions are very good, but i was just woundering if you could tell me what the two threded brass holes at the rear are for, and also were i can get acceseries for this kayak thanks and all the best........ceri.
    PS love your blog.

    Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

    Hi, the two threaded holes would aid fitment of a rudder, though I'm not actually aware of one being available for purchase. I've seen DIY versions that have been made for the Malibu Mini X, of which the Hi Marine is pretty much a clone.

    As for accessories, it very much depends what your are looking for?. Have a look at H2O Kayaks, they sell a good selection of kayak accessories.

    Barry Everington said...

    Hi Rob, enjoyed nosing through your blog. I am researching for a s.o.t. kayak for myself. The only purpose would be sea fishing, mainly off the North Devon coast, I live in Westward Ho! I was wondering if you would recommend the Hi Marine as a good introduction to kayak fishing my priority is to be a stable fishing platform not too worried about speed etc. I am 6'1" and currently 104kg but that is slowly coming down. Obviously the most attractive thing about the Hi Marine is the price but if its not fit for my purpose I would rather spend slightly more on second hand.

    Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

    Hi Barry, I know of one angler who often uses his Mini X kayak for sea fishing. The Hi Marie is of course a carbon copy of this kayak, though being a Chinese import it's a fraction of the price. you're not too much heavier than myself so weight is not an issue. It's very stable, though it's short length would perhaps be a little challenging paddling through a choppy sea. Yes, you could purchase a second hand kayak, perhaps a Prowler 13, which would overall be more suitable. It depends on what your budget it, storage room, etc. The Hi Marine is a cheap kayak and it would be a good starter kayak, if kayaking wasn't for you it could be sold on with little loss.

    andrew b said...

    Brought here from one of your posts on AnglersAfloat.
    Just wondered what you thought to the tracking on this boat?

    Would it be an absolute epic paddling a few miles along a river or canal on one of these?

    briggfoot @ hotmail.com

    Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

    Hi, the tracking is ok, sure on a longer kayak it's better. It kicks left and right if you paddle off hard from standstill. Though once you're moving it tracks well enough. Sounds like it would be ok for what you have in mind.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi I was looking at this boat and was wondering if it was good for fishing and if there is a lot of room in the compartments.


    Rob Appleby-Goudberg said...

    Hi, the kayak has seen little use fishing wise as I've been away on holiday for some time. However, it's the same as the Malibu MiniX so there's no reason why it won't prove to be a good fishing platform. It's probably not suited to heavier seas, though for general fishing it'll be just fine. The two twist and lock hatches each hold a removable bag, ok for several smaller items. With the bag removed you could easily fit a larger dry bag, waterproof container in there, etc.

    Graham said...

    Hi Rob, I'm currently in the market for my first kayak. I was initially looking for a good all-rounder as I live just off the Sussex coast but want something for sea fishing and just generally paddling around the coast and local rivers. The vast choice of sit on tops is some what baffling. I've tried a feel free nomad, but think I may find the water that flushes in and around the seat annoying after a while on long trips. Is there any kayaks you would recommend for a six foot ninety five kilo bloke that are reasonably priced ?

    Thanks, and good blog.

    Dave said...

    Hi Rob, Stumbled upon this thread whilst looking for a sit on top, looks fantastic!! Anyway, did a little more looking and found this www.ableisure.com/kayaks1/kayaks, looks almost identical, but i get the feeling these guys are a little more professional!! Ive ordered one, so will report back.....

    Anonymous said...

    I have the hi top marine ive adapted it by putting a pulley system for my anchor and ive recently had made an engine transform bracket which drops into the two fishing rod mounts behind the seat. Then there's 2 tubes fitted to the bracket for fishing rods. I have a 12v minn kota 40lb thrust engine. Which clamps onto the side. The battery and housing sits behind the seat. I have also upgraded the standard paddle to a fully carbon which makes a huge difference. I am in the process of fitting an h20 universal rudder system to it. Thats what the 2 brass fixing holes are for on the rear of the kayak. Ive also noticed people on other forums asking about fitting skegs but these are not needed on this type of kayak because of the shape of the hull. They are mainly for flat bottom inflatable kayaks.