Throwing a cast net

A few years ago whilst I was holidaying in the Dutch Antilles I purchased a cast net. I carried it all the way back to the UK where it’s sat quietly in a dark cupboard in the garage!. I’m returning to the Caribbean this year and I’d like to be able to catch live bait, enabling me to effectively fish for Tarpon, etc. Today I dusted off the cast net container and carried it out into the light of day.


These nets come in a variety of sizes, though this particular net has a radius of six feet. The attached throw line is about twenty one feet in length, this ultimately dictates the maximum throw distance (unless it slips off your wrist!)

Once out of the bucket it was all tightly bound with a set of instructions.


Before I rushed into this I carried out a little research and watched several videos on You Tube. I expected this to be extremely difficult and to take many hours of practice to achieve something that was actually going to be useable in the field. However, I was achieving acceptable results within a few minutes!

Anyway, my wife was kind enough to catch a few photos from my early attempts. Below is a set of frames capturing a throw of twenty feet.


It’s early days and I’ll be putting many hours of practice in over the next few weeks. I intend to try this from the kayak at some point, I’ve seen it done, it would be a great skill to have.


Anonymous said...

Rob, you’re spending too much time fishing. Your lawn needs cutting!

Rich (Dilligaf) said...

Nice one Rob, some guides we used a few years ago on the Ebro used cast nets to catch the live baits for the Wels catfish we were targeting, looking good though, I wouldn't have the patience. Now stop playing, and tidy that garden up! Lol.