New camera – Olympus TG-4

Out with the old and in with the new!. I decided to replace my ageing (still working) Olympus 795SW after 6 years of service with the new Olympus TG-4. Let's hope it lasts as long as its predecessor. Obviously technology has progressed since I purchased the 795SW. The new TG-4 packs a host of features as well as much improved image quality and size.

On the negative side it’s a little bulkier and there’s no lens protection as standard (bar a fixed glass cover). The latter can be addressed by purchasing the Olympus conversion lens adapter ring (CLA-T01) which comes with a removable lens cap. The ring is good as it also permits the addition of after market lenses (fisheye and telephoto). It’s threaded (41mm) so filters can be fitted. Here it is fitted with a polarising filter, float and lens cap, what I currently expect will be the standard setup.

I also picked up a UV filter for standard (cheap) protection and an ND4 filter if I fancy getting arty with blurred water photos, etc. I’ve always enjoyed adding photos to my reports and reviews, hopefully this new addition will enhance all future articles.

Full review to follow is a few weeks once I’ve clocked up some serious time with it.

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